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About The Owner


Fátima, commonly known as Fatimafrancesa on social media, is a registered nurse, family nurse practitioner student, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. 

"The idea and vision behind my brand is simply to inspire girls to boss up and take on the day! I created this brand with my followers in mind, and this here, is all for you. 

It’s about showing girls that it is possible to chase both your DREAMS & DEGREES! I receive messages everyday from girls saying that I inspire/motivate them to chase their goals and follow their dreams. & this brand itself, is about following my own dreams. I always had a vision of creating something of my own and make others happy at the same time! & somewhere in between my nursing journey + social media, I woke up with an idea and decided to bring it to life! My brand is more than just products wrapped in pretty pink packaging. It's about following your dreams and never giving up on your passions, staying in school, and living life to the fullest. I'm so happy we can go through this journey together!!"

"I truly do hope that a small package can make your day and motivate you to hustle, slay, and chase those goals!! I love you always & thank you for the endless support"

XO, Fatimafrancesa. | Owner & Founder

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